Wednesday, January 18, 2012

*Fresh Look* Wet N Wild 8 Pan Comfort Zone Palette!

Hey pretty people! :)

In junior high I was in LOVE with any cosmetics made by Wet N Wild (WNW). But as I grew up, I started realizing that the quality was not all that great, so I started to stray away from the brand. I haven't used any WNW products in probably close to 15 years!! But, recently, I have been hearing lots of people in the Internet beauty community saying that they really stepped up their game and improved their cosmetic line. Lots even raved about WNW - especially their eyeshadows. So I decided to go ahead and give Wet N Wild another shot!

Last week I went into Walmart and picked up one of their fairly new eight pan palettes. They had three; a blueish one called Blue Had Me At Hello, a purplish one called Petal Pusher and a neutral one. So, I decided to play it a little safe, and bought the neutral palette, which is called Comfort Zone (738).

Even though I heard great things about these palettes, I still couldn't get the last impressions that I had stuck in my head about Wet N Wild, so I really didn't have high hopes for the shadows. So as soon as I got home, I opened the palette to take a better look at the colors and to swatch the eyeshadows.

My first impression was that the packaging wasn't impressive, at all. There was nothing special about it; it was in a square package with a clear cover. It came with a small applicator, which on one side was a sponge tip and the other had a really scratchy, small brush - it was pretty useless.

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette (738)

Here is a better look at the Comfort Zone Palette with the brush/sponge that came inside.

After looking at the brush/sponge, I started swatching all eight of the colors. And I must say, I was PLEASANTLY surprised!! Each palette comes with eight different colors - 2 labeled eyebrow, 2 crease, 2, eyelid and 2 definer. On the back of the package, there is a picture of an eye and it shows you exactly where to place each color and what colors to use to get a specific look. Now, of course, you can use them as they are labeled, or you could be a little rebellious and mix and match the colors and use them wherever you'd like and come up with a uniquely customized look! All of these shadows are extremely pigmented and very smooth and went on without effort. This is definitely NOT the Wet N Wild I remember from back in junior high! I swatched each color on top of NYX Eyeshadow Base in Pearl, and the colors were so vibrant. I barely had to touch the shadows to get color on my finger. Each shadow in the palette does contain some sort of shimmer or sparkle, which I personally enjoy. For me, the more shimmer and sparkle, the better!

The next day, I wore three of the colors without out any primer to test their staying power and they lasted for about 8 hours without an fading. The following day, I wore the same exact shadows as the day before, but put a primer on, and got 12+ hours without any fading. I put the makeup on at 9am and it looked just as good at 9:30pm! If I didn't take it off, it probably would have last for several more hours! Now, the first day I wore the shadows I did get a little fallout when I applied the eyeshadow with a fluffy brush. But, when I applied the eyeshadow the next day, I used a little less and tapped my brush before applying it to my eye and I was fine - I had minimal fallout!

Swatches from the Comfort Zone Palette with NYX Eyeshadow Base

(left to right: right hand side definer, crease, eyelid, eyebrow, left hand side definer, crease, eyelid, eyebrow)

Overall, these shadows are amazing! I am definitely going to be purchasing Blue Had Me At Hello and Petal Pusher on my next Walmart run! I am excited to add them to my small, but growing collection of Wet N Wild products. I would honestly say that these eyeshadows can really compare with some high end shadows. They have great color payoff , are real smooth and have really great staying power. So, Wet N Wild, PLEASE keep up with what you are doing!

Stay forever beautiful!
Love and hugs!


  1. I love this palette, definitely one of my favs!

    1. I am so happy that I discovered it! I love it! I think I am going to buy a back up! Haha! Do you have the other two!? What do you think of them!?

  2. Replies
    1. Really!? Which one is your favorite!? Would you recommend getting all 3?! I remember when WnW wasn't that great of a cosmetic line. But wow! They really stepped up and are better than most drugstore brands and comparable to some high end cosmetics!

    2. If you don't have like a wide selection of light blues dark blues light pinks dark pinks then I definitely recommend them many eyeshadows for very inexpensive each one if you do the they are extremely pigmented!! Like its ridiculous! you only need a little dab of some colors so they are going to last forever! :)

    3. Oh and Emily did a video on the blue had me at hello...and the matte black is darker and more pigmented than macs carbon eyeshadow!!

    4. Oh wow! Darker than Carbon! I def need to pick it up if only for the black! Thanks for the heads up. I'll let you know what I think of them when I grab them!

    5. Oh wow! Darker than Carbon! I def need to pick it up if only for the black! Thanks for the heads up. I'll let you know what I think of them when I grab them!