Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Makeup Collaboration -- Gorgeous Geraniums!!

Hey beauty babes!

I am excited to write this post, as it is my first ever collaboration! The theme for April's collab is spring makeup. So many ideas started going through my head, so it was so hard to decide on a look to do. I decided that I wanted to do an eye look that was inspired by a springtime flower. I took to the web to help narrow down my choices and after looking at hundreds of flowers, I decided that I would model my look after the Geranium - 'Elke' flower that blooms in late spring.

The Geranium 'Elke' flower is present during late spring to mid fall. The white, greens and different shades of pink are the colors that helped me decide to pick this flower as inspiration!

I love doing looks that have color in them. Don't get me wrong, I definitely LOVE my neutrals, but I prefer to jazz up a look with a pop of color! I added some pink shadow and a teal-green liner to add some life to the neutral shadows. On my cheeks, I used a pink blush and a pretty champagne color highlighter. I finished the look with a pinky-purple lipstick that practically matches my natural lip color. I am really pleased with the way this look came out and will definitely be rocking it lots more during the springtime!

 My finished look! I am very pleased with the outcome and got several compliments by family and friends! 

This is how my eye makeup looks with my eye open. Even though it has a couple different colors, I still think it is a very wearable look. 

 Here is a picture of my eye look with my eye closed. I think the colors resemble those in the Geranium. The green liner reminds me of the steams and the lighter and deeper pink on my eye is also present in the flower.

Here is a list of the products I used:

- Urban Decay Primer Potion
- theBalm's Nude 'Tude Palette (Snobby, Stand-offish, Sultry, Serious)
- Urban Decay's Fun Palette (Woodstock and Uzi)
- Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Junkie (lower lash line)
- Tarte's Light, Camera, Lashes mascara

- Benefit's Bella Bamba
- theBalm's Mary Lou-Manizer
- Too Faced Chocolate Soleil

- Milani Grape-tini

I am also rocking a new hairstyle (review on the product will be coming soon) in the large picture. I hope you enjoy this look. I had a great time creating it! :) 

Make sure you check out the other awesome YouTubers and bloggers that took part in this amazing spring collab! I included all of their info below. Everyone who participated is extremely talented and I promise you wont be disappointed with the springtime looks that they came up with. Every month, myself and the other bloggers and YouTubers below, will be partaking in a monthly featured collab, so make sure you check back often so you don't miss a post!

Stay forever beautiful!
Love and hugs,
Keri :-P

Spring Collab Participants:

- Britney
Blog: The Glam Goddess

- Amy
Blog: Polish and Such

- Laurie Ann
Youtube: Beautymakeupandmore 

- Stephanie Louise
Blog: All things Beautiful

- Wendy
Blog: LuvLifeBeauty

- Kerrie
Blog: Gorgeous-Glamour

- Natalie
Blog: Purplestar Makeup
Youtube Video:

- Therese
Blog: Animal Friendly Beauty

- Robert
Blog: Makeup Insider


  1. Love ittt :))) Super natural, yet super pretty!
    Well done :)

    1. Thanks Robert!!
      I had a lot of fun doing this look!
      I think it's totally wearable.

      Can't wait til next months collab!

  2. I would totally wear that anytime:) I love Grapetini. Such a nice soft color.

    1. I know I definitely think its a totally wearable look!
      When I first bought Grape-Tini, I was a little nervous. But now, its become one of my go-to lipsticks!!!

  3. Great job girl :) I love it

    1. Thanks so much Britney!
      That means a lot coming from you!
      Your look is awesome too! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Laurie!
      That means a lot! I have always been a little nervous putting pictures of my makeup skills online.
      But you guys have definitely giving me the courage to!
      Thanks again!!! :)

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