Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Rock Beachy Waves!

Hey Beauty Babes!

My hair is very thin, so I am always looking for ways to make it look fuller and thicker. I love the way my hair looks after I come back from a day at the beach. The salt water does something amazing to my hair - I can't quite explain it, but it makes it soft, wavy, tousled and sexy!

I have been playing around with ways to get my hair to look like I just came back from the beach, and I think I found the perfect technique! The best part is, it is super simple and just takes a couple hair products, elastics and a flat iron!

If you want to found out how I got my hair to look beach sexy, then keep reading!

If you have elastics, a flat iron and a texture cream you can get this fun look!

-After you wash your hair, section it into two parts and braid them from the top to bottom and secure them with an elastic.

 This is not the most flattering pic. Lol. I French braid my hair because French braiding gets the hair up top wavy too. If you don't know how to French braid you can separate your hair into four parts, and do two braids on top and two on the bottom. That will give you the wavy effect up top too. 

-When you wake up, take the elastics out and undo the braids.

This is what your hair will look like after you take your braids out! Scary huh!?! But don't worry, we are going to fix it! :)

-After you take the braids out, grab your flat iron and go over all of your hair with it to ease up the crimps. Don't press to hard and go quickly over your hair. Do not spend too much time in one spot or it will straighten your hair completely. Keep your flat iron moving at all times.  

-After you go over your whole head with your flat iron and achieve your desired look, take a texture cream and use it to smooth out any flyaways or frizz. It will also help to keep the waves in place. I used L'oreal's Out of Bed Texturizer.

And that is it! It is so simple, anyone can do it! I love it because it adds texture to my hair and makes it seem so much fuller! It literally takes less than five minutes to do. If you are short on time, this would be a great look to rock!

 This is the final look! See how soft the waves look!!

 I'm really enjoying this look for the spring and summer! I feel like I just got home from the beach when I wear my hair like this. 

Wavy hair is so in for this season, so let me know if you will be trying this look.

Stay forever beautiful!
Love and hugs,
Keri :-P

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