Tuesday, March 13, 2012

*March MyGlam* - First Impression and Thoughts!

Hey Beauty Babes!

MyGlam Bag came in the mail today. It has actually been sitting at the Providence post office since early Saturday morning. Normally, when I am expecting a package, I can't wait for it to be delivered. Sadly, I didn't feel that way with this months MyGlam Bag. After figuring out the sneak peeks and seeing other people's reveal videos, I honestly didn't care if my bag sat at the post office forever. The contents inside last month's bag were truly disappointing, so I was hoping this months would be better. Unfortunately, I honestly think, March's Glam Bag was worse. Ugh! It is so disappointing, especially when you look forward to receiving it all month long. If you go to the MyGlam Facebook page, all of us Glammies are kindly telling the MyGlam Gurus that we would like more makeup to be included in the bags. Sadly, this month's bag had not one makeup product. Initially, I said I would give MyGlam a three month trial period. With this being my second month, April's bag will be the 'make it or break it' bag. So, without further adieu, let's check out the products that were included in March's bag!

March 2012 MyGlam Bag!

MyGlam says that each month Glammies will receive 4-5 deluxe size or full size samples. Obviously, this month, the MyGlam Gurus did not hold true to their word as we only received 2 deluxe size products. The other items included are just single-use samples.

MyGlam Exclusive Classic Crease Brush and Case.

March's bag was delivered in the same bright pink bubble envelope that February's bag was sent in. After opening it, the first thing I noticed was a hot, bubblegum pink case. I opened it up and inside was a cute, pink blending brush that is adorned with the MyGlam logo. The brush looks decent, nothing extraordinary, but it seems like it will get the job done. It is definitely not the softest brush. This brush was supposedly hand chosen by Michelle Phan during her recent trip to Hong Kong. There have been several rumors floating around Facebook World claiming that we will be receiving more brushes in the upcoming months that we can use to fill up our new brush case.

Keracolor comes in four different colors. The Natural Keracolor can be used for all hair types.

The next item that was in my bag was Keracolor. Keracolor is a leave-in hair treatment that protects, strengthens, hydrates and enhances all hair types. At first glance, this looks like a single use product sample. According to the directions, you are supposed to get 2-4 uses out of this packet. I will get four uses out of this sample because my hair is super thin, but people with long, thick hair will be lucky to get two uses out of this packet. I don't think this really qualifies as a deluxe size sample and according to MyGlam, all the products we receive are supposed to be at least deluxe size.

This month we received a 'DermStore Care Package' which includes Pur-lisse Pur-Protect SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer, Murad Eye Lift Perfector and a $25 gift card to DermStore*.

As soon as I saw this 'care package' I literally laughed out loud. Seriously, this is a care package?! MyGlam and DermStore really doesn't care about us all that much if they only included two single use samples and a 'gift card' that has restrictions in our care package. Again, these two samples are NOT deluxe size. Actually, I would be lucky if I even got one full use out of these packets. How can I tell if I like a product if I can't even try it properly?! It is SO annoying, especially when we are told that we will be receiving certain size products and we do not get them . It is false advertising and misrepresentation on MyGlam's part. The 'gift card' to Dermstore is very similar to the gift card that was included in February's bag for NuMe. The DermStore gift card is for $25, BUT you have to spend a minimum of $50 and certain restrictions apply. Technically. this isn't a gift card, it is more like a coupon. I HATE how MyGlam keeps advertising these certificates as gift cards, when they are clearly discounts. When I think of a gift card, I expect to be able to use it without having restrictions on what to buy or without having to make a minimum purchase and having to put my own money towards it.

This was, by far, the best product I received inside this month's bag. A full size Pur-lisse Pur-lip Comfort retails for $16.

The last item that was inside my bag was a full size Pur-lisse Pur-lip Comfort. Not everyone received this; this was one of the 'OR' items. The other 'OR' items were Murad's Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF 15 and 3Lab Perfect Cleansing Foam. Out of the three products I could have gotten, I am happy that I got the lip conditioner. My lips are always chapped and dry, so this is a perfect beauty product for me to try. So far I have only tried it once, but it does feel really nice on my lips and seems to do a good job at hydrating them. I plan to do a full review after I use it for a while.

There was also a little card that was included inside this months bag. It had a little note written by Michelle that said 'Say goodbye to winter's woes with our march Glam Bag! It's filled to the brim with our favorite products to help repair and restore your skin and hair just in time for a bright and dewy spring'. Wow. This month's bag was barely filled at all, let alone filled to the brim! I honestly feel a little bad for the company because LOTS of people have already canceled their subscription after seeing this month's bag. If they keep going in this direction and don't take into consideration our feedback, I don't think this company will be successful which would be a shame because I think it does have a lot of potential.

Like I said, I will give MyGlam three months to prove themselves. If after the third month I am not happy with my bag, I will gladly cancel and either take my money to Sephora and purchase actual makeup or checkout what Birchbox has to offer.

What did you think about this month's Glam Bag!? What 'OR' product did you end up receiving!? Are you giving MyGlam another chance or did you cancel your subscription!?

Stay forever beautiful!
Love and hugs,

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  1. I agree with you, this month's glam bag was definitely a disappointment! I got the teen vogue birchbox this month which was amazing, birchbox has stepped up its game the past few months and myglam just seems to be getting worse.

    1. I saw what was in the Teen Vogue BB and wish that I got BB! I think I am going to sign up when subscriptions become available again. I heard tho, that nexts months MyGlam bag is supposed to be filled with lots of makeup. Well see. Lol. Thanks for reading!!

  2. How can anyone complain about this bag? The eyeshadow brush was worth it! The other samples were amazing high end samples. I feel for them. They can't win.

    1. Im upset because they advertise that all samples will be at least deluxe sized, if not full sized. Well I only received 2 deluxe or full sized. What happened to the rest of them!? I understand this is only their 4th month, that is why Im sticking with them. But they really need to keep true to their word or unfortunately they are going to loose a lot of subscriptions. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! I appreciate your feedback!

  3. I received the 3LAB face cleanser and I'm very happy with it! I've already gotten 3 uses out of the Pur-lisse daily moisturizer, and I love it. I appreciated the 20% off that product on Dermstore's website as well. I also really like the brush and brush case! Overall, I think this bag is good.

    MyGlam had probably already planned for March to be all about "skin & hair renewal" so it's likely they weren't planning for makeup to be in that bag. Unfortunately, it's the way they are marketing themselves that makes customers unhappy. It is supposed to be about beauty products. I would definitely love to see makeup in April's bag!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I totally agree! If MyGlam didnt advertise as all deluxe or full size product samples, I wouldnt be so upset. I dont mind getting hair care products or so skin care, just the sizes of them is whats getting me upset. Oh well, I know the company is new so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Here's to hoping April's bag is better!!

  4. I too was dissapointed with this month's bag. I like the brush, and I'm sure it will be used, I have super long hair, and I honestly dont know if that packet will even let me get TWO uses out of it.
    I agree about the sizes of things. NOT delux size. I get better samples from Avon.

    One more month for me as well.

    1. The Keracolor has the weirdest scent and texture ever. It is SO greasy! Omg, when I felt it I was hesitant to put it in my hair. I used a real small amount and I guess it is ok. But the smell is HORRIBLE. My bathroom still smelt hours after I used it. I will keep trying it, but just be careful to not use so much, or your hair could because a grease ball. Lol. What did you get for your 'OR' product!? Let me know if you stay with MyGlam after April! Thanks for reading!

  5. The first couple months were the best, I think this was the most dissapointing so far. Definitely NOT deluxe sized!