Sunday, March 4, 2012

*Sneak Peek #1* - MyGlam Bag March 2012

**EDIT: This post was edited on 3.5.2012 to include a sneak peek picture of the actual bag that all of our products will be coming in.

Hey Beauty Babes!

In about a week, MyGlam will start to mail out this months Glam Bags. After being disappointed in last months bag, I don't really have high hopes for this months items. On Friday, MyGlam released their first 'sneak peek' photo, containing some of the contents that will be in this months bag. The photo contained three items and was a bit blurry. The caption above the photo read, 'Here's the first sneak peek for the March Glam Bag! Each bag will have one of these brands to add to your beauty boodle...'. From the photo's description, I don't think we will be getting all three of these items. I think it will be something like January's bag was; where you either got theBalm's nail polish or eyeshadow. It will probably be randomized and you will receive one of the products featured in the picture.

Photo borrowed from the MyGlam Facebook page
Which product out of the three would you like to receive in your Glam Bag?!

Since the photo was blurred, it made it a little difficult to figure out what exactly these products are. With the help of other Glammies, I did some research on MyGlam's Facebook and Twitter page and came up with a few guesses.

Pur-lisse Lip Comfort looks like it is the product on the right!

These were lots of guess as to what this product actually was. After doing some research, and comparing products to the blurry picture, my best guess is that the product on the right is something from Pur-lisse. The box looks a lot like the Pur-lisse Lip Comfort which is basically a lip butter/balm. It is petroleum-free and contains Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. Basically, it has lots of really good things for your lips and will leave them feeling nourished, soft and hydrated. A full size contains 0.5 oz and retails for $22.

Could the product in the middle be 3Lab's Perfect Cleansing Scrub!? I think so! :)

The item in the middle looks exactly like 3Lab's Perfect Cleansing Scrub. Now, I am not familiar with 3Lab products, so I had to take to the Net to do some research. Their Perfect Cleansing Scrub is, 'A daily scrub that cleans deep below the skins surface, yet is gentle enough to use every day for the most sensitive skin types.'. It contains Jojoba beads (do I see a theme here!?) that remove dead skin from your body. This scrub is gentle enough to be used every day and can replace your daily cleanser. A full size bottle contains 3.4 oz and sells for $60.

I am pretty positive that these beauty products are what is in the above picture. There is one more product featured in the picture, but I have no idea what it could be. Do you have any idea what the item on the far left, in the black box is?! If you do please, let me know in a comment below!

Photo borrowed from the MyGlam Facebook page
Here is a picture of what March's bag will look like. I think is is very appropriate for spring! Wicked cute! :)

After reading comments from fellow Glammies, this picture has gotten mixed reviews. I would say that more than half of the people who commented on the photo are not happy with the contents that were shown in the picture. Most Glammies want more makeup and less skin care products, and I have to say that I fully agree! One skin care product a month is fine. MyGlam we want more actual makeup!!

What do you think about the beauty products in this sneak peek photo!? Are you familiar with the brands!? Are you excited to try them!? If there are any other sneak peek photos released, I will do another post with my thoughts.

Stay forever beautiful!
Love and hugs,

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  1. Hey Keri! Those look like pretty accurate guesses! But I really hope they surprise you guys with some good makeup! I'm not subscribed to MyGlam because it's so new & I wanted to see how it would turn out. But like everyone else, what intrigued me was that it was supposed to be more focused on makeup products. However, it seems like they are definitely more skincare focused which is disappointing! I hope they change it up quickly or I feel like the popularity of MyGlam is going to die down. :/

    1. Hey Rebekah!
      Thanks for stopping by and checking out my post! I really hope if I cam right on the Pur-liss, that is what is in my bag!
      I totally agree with you. I thought the MyGlam bags were going to contain primarily makeup. The first bag they put out in December was AMAZING! All of the makeup and the brands really set them apart from the other subscription boxes. But lasts months bag really disappointed me. I am find with one skin care product a month, but not 4 or 5. Like you, I really feel like if MyGlam doesn't start stepping up their game and listening to their subscribers, they are going to loose lots of business, which would be ashame because they were off to such a good start!
      Do you think you will sign up now?! Or has what you've been seeing turned you off from subbing?

    2. You know.. I'm not really sure yet! I was really impressed with the first month's bag like you mentioned. If the 2nd & 3rd bag would have been that great, I think I would have subscribed ASAP! lol but I think I'll give it a few more months & see how it goes before I decide. :)

      Oh & make sure you come follow my blog! I'd really appreciate it! :) hehe

  2. Good post! Looking forward to the next bag

    1. Thanks so much Diane!
      I am looking forward to this months bag too!
      I hope it contains a few more actual makeup products tho.
      Keep checking back, because when MyGlam releases more sneak peeks, I will be updating my posts! Let me know what you think of March's bag when you do finally get it! :)

  3. I was really exited to see the MyGlam bags, even wanted to subscribe, i forgot all about them till a few days ago, and from all the reviews im glad i did, it seems as though its not as good as other beauty product bags. You Should do a review when you get the actual box! Great blog, just stumbled upon it, i really like it!