Sunday, February 12, 2012

*Cosmetic Procedure* - How to Fix a Broken Eyeshadow and a Super Mini Forever 21 Haul!

Yesterday started off as really great day! I went to the mall with a couple friends. I bought my two nephews matching shirts with skulls on them for Valentine's Day. They are going to look so cute in them. And since I'm going on a cruise to Bermuda in May, I wanted to try to pick up some cute outfits, so I stopped by Forever 21. They actually didn't have much summer clothing out yet, which really surprised me. But I did end up finding a WICKED (yes, I am from Rhode Island and we say wicked a lot!) cute neon yellow sheer top, that has cute roses all over it and a bright blue-ish spaghetti strapped shirt to go under it. And I scored a real cute pair of BIG, black flowered earrings! I got everything for about $18!!

My new outfit and earrings from Forever 21. The sales associate said that neon yellow is the color trend for the summer. The color is so much more prettier in person. The picture does not show how BRIGHT it actually is.

I was in a rush this morning, so I left my makeup out. When I came home I went to put away the quad I used earlier. Well, on my way to the bathroom I dropped it and it shattered into lots and lots of teeny pieces. I was so upset! This was one of my favorite quads; it was the Chai Latte quad from Maybelline. I've always wanted to purchase another one for a backup in case something like this happened. But every time I go to the store to check for the palette, they are always sold out! So because of that, I didn't want to just throw it away and bank on getting another one. I ended up getting creative and with the help of a few items that I had laying around my house, I did a little bit of makeup surgery and now my favorite quad is back to looking just as good as new! Since I really like you guys, I'm going to share with you a little secret on how to fix a broken eyeshadow with just a few, simple household items! ;-)

When I was fixing my eyeshadow, I totally didn't even think to take pics of the before and after. I'm sure it will happen again and when it does, I will definitely take pictures to show you the process.

What you'll need:

- Makeup brush
- 70% or higher Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
- Mini spray bottle or dropper
- A coin that is about the size of the broken shadow
- An old piece of fabric from a t-shirt or something

Here is how to fix your broken eyeshadow in just six simple steps:
  1. After you get together everything you need, put your broken eyeshadow under a paper towel, so you don't make a big mess.
  2. Take your shadow and use the opposite end of a makeup brush to break up the shadow into even smaller pieces. You basically want your shadow to look like dust.
  3. Take your spray bottle that's filled with alcohol and spray it directly onto the eyeshadow. You want to get the shadow completely wet, but do not soak it or make puddles with the alcohol.
  4. Take your quarter and wrap it tightly into your clean piece of fabric. You want to make sure there are no wrinkles on the fabric, because that will transfer onto your eyeshadow.
  5. Press the fabric wrapped coin on the eyeshadow for about 30-45 seconds. You want to make sure you press very firmly so the shadow will adhere back together.
  6. Leave the cover on your eyeshadow open to allow your shadow to dry completely. If you use a higher percent alcohol, it will dry quicker. I used 91% and it dried within 10 minutes.
*If your eyeshadow is not in the shape of a circle (the Chai Latte quad is squared), just look for something around your house that is hard and in the same shape and size of the eyeshadow. I used a small square magnetic that was on my fridge and it worked just fine!

Your eyeshadow should now be back to looking and preforming like new! Don't worry; the alcohol will NOT ruin your makeup. It will be just as pigmented as before. It will not change the color or texture of your eyeshadow either.

I hope this was helpful for you guys! This will also work with blush, bronzer and just about any other powdered makeup product! It comes in real handy, especially with expensive makeup. No one wants to throw out a $50 palette, especially now knowing that it can be fixed so easily!

Stay forever beautiful!
Love and hugs,
Keri :-P

Song of the Day: Three Days Grace - Never too Late


  1. I still have never tried to fix an eyeshadow. Someday, if that happens, I'll blog about it too. :) lol
    found you through beautylish. hope you follow me back!

    1. Oh I was so upset when it broke! Lol!
      But Ive fixed them before, so I knew it would work!
      I use alcohol to clean my makeup every few wks, so it definitely does not ruin the pigmentation or texture!

      Thanks for following and I will def follow back!!!