Wednesday, February 15, 2012

*First Impression* - February MyGlam Bag

Hey Beauty Babes!

After finding out about MyGlam and hearing all the hype about the first couple bags, I thought I would give it a try. I signed up in January, so I would be receiving my first bag sometime in the middle of February. MyGlam claims to send out everyone's bags on the 10th of each month. After the shipping problems MyGlam went through in January, I didn't have high hopes for receiving my bag in a timely manor. I received an email from their shipping team about a week and a half ago stating that the bags would be mailed around the 9th this month, and people on the East Coast (me!) should get their bags first. I was expecting to get a confirmation number yesterday, but I didn't so I was really upset about it. But today, I went to my mailbox and had a bright pink, bubbled envelope waiting for me. I was pleasantly surprised, but I'm still a little upset because I didn't get a confirmation number like promised.

MyGlam does take pride in the aesthetics of their appearance. The mailing envelope is a pretty, hot pink!

As I was walking back to my apartment, I noticed that the bag was extremely light; there didn't seem to be much in it at all. Unfortunately, I was right. The products that came in this month's bag were severely lacking in quality compared to past months. I was really disappointed and I honestly do not know if I will be keeping up with my subscription for much longer.

February 2012 MyGlam Bag.

Since I just got the products I can't do a full review on them just yet. But, I will be telling you what was in my bag and what my initial reaction was to each product.

NYX Roll-On Shimmer in Onyx:

This is a new product from NYX. It is supposedly an intensely rich, shimmering powder that can be applied to the eyes, face and body. I am probably most excited for this product. I love NYX Cosmetics. I was hoping to get another color, because Onyx is a greyish black color. Other than my eyes, I don't exactly know where I would use it. I think I am going to have to play around with it for a bit. I will probably do a full review on the product once I get to know it better.

X Out Shine Control:

I will be honest, I have NO use for this product. I have extremely dry skin, so I will not get any use out of it. The X Out Shine Control is an oil-free moisturizer, that when applied lightly, is supposed to give you a mattifying complexion. I plan on giving this to my sister. After she uses this for a while, I will let you all know how it worked for her and if she ends up liking it.

Freeman Facial Enzyme Mask in Pineapple:

I am a fan of Freeman Facial Masks, BUT, if I wanted one I could drive to Wal-Mart and buy one for a buck change. So to get it inside MyGlam bag, was a little disappointing. Isn't the purpose of this to be introduced to new and exciting products? While I do like Freeman's, it is far from new or exciting. This is just a typical face mask, so I am not expecting anything magical to happen from using it.

Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask:

This was a joke too! Do you see how teeny these samples are!? My Glam claims to give you 'Four to five deluxe-sized samples or full sized products each month'. Well, if this is a deluxe-sized sample, I am afraid to see what the full-sized product looks like. I doubt I will even have enough to cover my face for one use.

NuMe Professional Styling Tools and Hair Extensions $100 Gift Card:

This literally pissed me off! This is NOT a sample, it is CARDBOARD! Basically, I have to put out, AT LEAST, an extra $40 to actually get something out of this (Their cheapest product is $125 and shipping is between $15-$20.). I do not know too much about NuMe products, but I plan to do some research. If it turns out that the products are worth it, I may order a new flat iron. The one upside to this 'gift card' is that it's good until August 2012 and the code on the card seems to be reusable.

Overall, the bag that the samples came in is extremely cute, but not worth my money. The only product I would have actually purchased out of this months bag would have been the NYX Roll-On Shimmer. I could have gotten that for about $5 and saved myself money. I will probably give this subscription one more month, but if I do not get more actual makeup items, I will happily cancel my subscription and take my business elsewhere.

Please, let me know what you thought about this months Glam Bag. Were you happy with the products inside?! What was your favorite!? Will you cancel your subscription based on this months samples?

Stay forever beautiful!
Love and hugs,
Keri :-P

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  1. Hi Keri - I'm Zadidoll, you've probably seen me post on MyGlam's wall. I'm also one of the people who snoops through MyGlam's site before they announce what's coming in that month's bag. ;)

    Thought I'd point some stuff out to you and your readers.

    The Dead Sea Premier sample sachets are freebie items from the Dead Sea Premier site. They also have freebie deluxe size tubes, these sachets are tiny and nothing like their other deluxe size freebies. I'm kind of disappointed that these are coming in my bag as well. :(

    The Freeman mask you got was suppose to be sent out last month as well, least according to the info I found on their site before January 9. BEFORE the chance I saw they were going to send out the full size cucumber mask and the two sachets (which ended up becoming an "OR" item this month). That's why the Freeman sale includes three full size masks - the cucumber (again) and the Goji Berry and Pineapple Enzyme. I have no idea why the sachets weren't sent out last month or why these ended up as an "OR" item this month but they were. That too is kind of disappointing especially for those getting their first bag.

    The X Out Shine product, well that's by the company who makes Proactive. Guess who both is distributed by - Guthy-Renker. Guthy-Renker was the company behind last month's WEN sample and Sheer Cover sample.

    The only thing I liked about this month's bag was the bag itself and the NYX roll on shimmer shadow. The rest was okay. I like the Freeman masks but I have a ton of the sachets masks myself that I bought at Walmart. I have a love-hate relationship with the cucumber make - love how my skin feels after using it, hate that if you put too much it drips but not enough and you can't peel it off easy.

    Hopefully next month's bag will be better.

    1. Hi Zadidoll! Thanks for reading! I really appreciate you stopping by!! Thank you SO much for your comment! It really shed some light on why these products are in my bag. I can't believe that the Premier samples are freebies from the site! That is crazy! And now I am VERY curious to know why MyGlam didn't send out the Freeman's Mask with last months bag. Do you think they are trying to stretch every single sample they get!? That seems like what they may be up to (why give us more, when they can use the samples for other months?!) Hmmm... It has me wondering about the ethics of MyGlam now. Do you have a blog!? If so, please let me know. I would be interested in checking it out! Please make sure you subscribe so you don't miss a post! My blog is fairly new, but I have gotten good feedback from it so far. I would be interested in possibly doing some blogging with you (that is if you are interested) so please get back to me with your contact info! Thanks again for stopping by! :)

    2. To be honest I have no idea why. It could be due to a few factors last month with the whole shipping fiasco that the Freeman masks didn't make it into the bag as a result of that disaster. As for this month, I'm guessing they decided to split the masks simply so the items were distributed to all customers.

      Good luck with the blogging. Can't wait to read more. :D And yes, I do have a blog - :D

    3. Thanks for posting the link to your blog! I will check it out! :)

  2. Hi Keri, I'm also new the Glam bag and share all of your sentiments. In fact, I posted this on the MyGlab FB wall yesterday and it received quite a few comments and 'likes':

    "So, I will sell my $100 NuMe card for $10 .. any takers? I don't use any of the items it's good for (I even tried the feather extensions which are listed under Hair Extensions but apparently don't count).

    This is my first GlamBag which I am very disappointed about. The bag that had the full size UrbanDecay products had me fooled. You get one more try Glam folks and then I'm cancelling too.

    Btw .. I tried to make myself feel better by attempting to price the other items in the bag:
    Roll on glitter - 4.49
    Xout - no price - you can't buy it without buying the acne control.
    Mask - about 28 cents worth of product
    Premier biox treatment about 1.05 worth of product
    Premier mask also 1.05 worth of product
    Cosmetic bag about $2
    2 Ghiradelli squares ??? - but those are a gift, right, so $0.00

    Not quite up to the $10 mark even at retail."

    1. I know, very disappointing :( I wish we got at least more NYX products. At least I actually like NYX. I can't believe that past bags were valued at $50-$60 and this one is valued at what? $9? If that?! I will give them one more month. But if I don't see 110% improvement, I will switch over to a different subscription company. Let me know if you end up staying with MyGlam!

  3. I find it so strange how you are complaining about the $100 gift card. You paid $10 for a variety of different samples and you basically get $100 inside of the bag. Yes, you will have to pay the remaining amount of money that is left over after you use the card, but that is $100 less than you would have spent without the card.

    Personally, I liked every sample that was in my bag and I plan on putting each one to use, even the $100 gift card.

    I think that you should send your bag to someone who wanted these samples and wasn't able to sign up.

    1. While I appreciate your comment, I have to disagree.
      I did NOT get a free $100 in my bag, because I already have a flat iron and don't actually need another. If there was a $100 bill in my bag, that would be totally different. But I got a coupon inside my bag, that I may or may not use. If I was guaranteed to use it it would be totally different. But hey thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your bag. let me know how you enjoy your NuMe product that you end up getting!

  4. I am paying $10 a month to sample a variety of beauty products before I commit to purchasing the full size - I am NOT paying for a discount code!! I'm sure there are some people out there in need of a new hair styling tool, but I'm sure a lot of us out there aren't those people. Why should I be happy to pay $10 for a discount code on something that I have to pay even more money out of pocket for??
    Thats great if people enjoy getting samples of products they can purchase at Walmart, but when I signed up to pay $10, I was under the impression that I would be getting more high end brands, which I did get in the past two months bags. It's not worth it to me to spend $10 on products I will not use, sample or not. Would you complain if you went out to eat and paid for an expensive steak and got a cut that had a bunch of fat on it?

    1. Im totally with you! I just wish we would have gotten our 10 dollars worth out of it. and no, a 100$ gift certificate for something most people already own and have to dish out $40+ for, is not worth the 10 dollars

    2. I love your steak analogy! It was a perfect comparison! The first bag was PERFECT! I was actually jealous that I didn't get one! I mean Tarte, Urban Decay, Mai Couture, NYX that was awesome! I was really thinking every bag would be like that. But I guess that was just a way to reel in the costumers. Now that they have an impressive costumer base, they can let their expectations down and not do as well as they did before with putting excellent items in our bags.

  5. I need a flat iron bad. And to get something worth $100+ for the price of one I can get in Walmart or something is not bad. To be honest, I think this bag is fit for the younger glammies, which I think I am :)

  6. I agree, it isn't bad to get something that is so pricey for so cheap. But the point I am making, is what if I don't have the extra money to put out to get a product from NuMe? What if I only had $10 extra a month to spend on beauty related items. If that was the case, I would be stuck with a cardboard postcard from NuMe and nothing else. I think there are lots of ppl that do this that are younger so they can get beauty products to try without having to spend lots of money. Lots of younger ppl dont have the extra money needed to put towards a NuMe product. And even older ppl have other priorities that take precedence over a flat iron or extensions. Please, after you purchase your flat iron, let me know how you like it. Let me know if it is worth it or if I can find something similar at Walmart or a beauty supply store. If it is amazing, then I may pick one up. So let me know! I appreciate you stopping by and hope you sub so you can see more posts by me! :)

  7. I definitely agree with what you have said. To people who keep saying, you got a 100 dollars! No...I did not. If i had been given a GIFT CARD that means I would be able to purchase anything I want despite the price, and I would not have to pay OVER the amount of the "gift card" unless I wanted to. Therefore it's a discount card, not a gift card. Also, they play this off like it's special for us, when in fact, it isn't. This brand has recently been on haute look, and other discount sites(similar to groupon)for similar bargains. I cannot use this card mainly because I have super short hair(even when I had longer hair, it is super straight so I have no need for these tools) but even as someone who doesn't use this type of product I know the good brands such as Chi, ghd, etc...I've never even heard of Nume and that I believe is the reason they are out there being discounted....they want to get their name out so they're giving deals. Not saying their product isn't good at all, but I am saying it's all marketing! That's how it works. Furthermore we were told each month we would get around 5 full-deluxe size samples....with that said, OK, we can say the "gift card" was an added bonus....with that the items we got still do not qualify as close to even a deluxe sample, aside from the NYX item. I know this is a new company, so i expect hiccups and errors and a learning curve...but I would think that as a company you would be putting your best plays out there first, so to's only the third bag and it's already become like this....I mean, they went from bags containing UD, Tarte, etc. to one use drugstore masks and a couple one use dead sea products. Also, addressing the cost of the bag, yes it's 10 dollars, but some of us do budget our money, spending 10 dollars may be all we can spend on beauty a month, that's why signing up for things like this is appealing. *breathes* Sorry that was a long rant. I just feel like people aren't understanding where those of us who are disappointed are coming from. It's not the fact that we got a gift card, it's that it doesn't fall in line with the premise of the company's statement. I didn't sign up to get coupons or discounts, I signed up to get products to try out, not drugstore products, mid-range to high end products. So good for you for being honest and surveying the entire thing with an open eye. You weren't being overly negative or positive, just honest. Start up companies such as these NEED that, or they will not learn what their customer base is looking for, and in the end won't have any consumers.

  8. Hi Keri,

    I followed you here from your post on beautylish. Wow. I had been planning to sign up for MyGlam and I'm glad I decided to hold off a month. Thanks so much for this post.

    btw, I followed your blog too.


    1. Hi Indie!
      Thanks for subbing to my blog! I appreciate it lots!
      I am glad that my post was helpful! If I can help someone by saving money on a product than I am doing my job! Lol! I am going to give this one more month. Hopefully they can redeem themselves, because they did have a real promising start...
      I will let you know how March's bag is! Thanks again! :)

  9. I really don't see the point of glossy boxes and such. You can get free samples at any departmental store if you ask nicely, without wasting a dime. Maybe it's the novelty of opening up a beautifully wrapped parcel that gets us all excited. Most of the samples they include are from the brands I'm not interested in anyway.
    Sorry for the long comment, just needed to vent :)

    1. Hey!
      Don't apologize for the venting! Venting is good and welcomed here! Lol!
      I never signed up for a subscription company before because I thought like you did.
      But when I watched videos on the first MyGlam Bag (December's), I was so impressed because there were several full-sized items in the bag! And it was promised that there would be at least one full-sized item in each bag! So that is what initially drew me in. I dont know. I hope that they can redeem themselves next month because I am giving them just one more month. I want to see more makeup items and less skin care stuff. I can only take so many facial masks! Lol! :)